Installing the NVIDIA GeForce 3d accelerated linux driver.

Up until last year NVIDIA had the fastest video cards around. Even now they are right at the top, and they get serious karma points for providing such easy to install linux 3d drivers.

  • go to
  • At the bottom of the screen click drivers
  • There will be three lists. Complete as follows and click go.
    • From the first list choose graphics drivers
    • From the second list choose geforce & tnt2
    • From the the final list choose linux ia32
  • You will be presented with instructions for downloading/installing the driver.
  • One of the instructions will be to save the .run file which has the driver embedded in it.
  • su to root
  • Change your inittab to boot in level 3 (text instead of graphics) & reboot
  • Run the .run file
  • Read through the readme file for post installation instructions
  • Run startx to test out X before making it the default.
  • If X starts up without trouble then edit you inttab to boot in level 5(graphical)

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