Early IPv6 adopter

Linuxgems is now IPv6 enabled.  I’ve been waiting for a couple of years for a VPS provider to support IPV6. My old favorite, SliceHost has been slow to roll this feature out.   This past month a couple of hosting providers made changes that made transitioning to a new provider an obvious choice.

First was SliceHost who emailed last week to inform me that their new parent company was migrating all their customers to Rackspace Cloud.  The notice rubbed me the wrong way, because I don’t appreciate the nickel and dime billing that cloud providers use.  (bandwidth, cpu hours, etc).  All said, I’d probably save a couple of bucks a month, but I’d also be on the hook for the costs of any slashdotting event, which, while extremely unlikely, I was not interested in dealing with.

So I looked at my second favorite provider, Linode, and learned that just this month they rolled out IPv6 in selected data centers.  That made the transition win-win.

Linode has been around for several years.  I looked into them when initially signed up for SliceHost.  Looking back, I wish I’d have gone with Linode.  They supported 32-bit VMs when SliceHost didn’t and now they are supporting IPv6, which Rackspace (SliceHost’s new parent company) can only promise is coming soon.

Transition was painless.  I signed up.  Then I opened a support ticket to enable ipv6 (which was literally answered within a couple of minutes).  Then I rebooted and the machine came up and acquired an IPv6 address.  I installed a couple of programs, copied over some source code, migrated the database, and boom we’re in business.

The DNS is going to start transitioning tonight.  If you are read this article then you’re pulling from the new site.


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