DLink DFE-530TX+

I recently bought a D-Link DFE-530TX+ to connect up two of my machines. I bought it specifically because they listed Linux support on the box. I was a little disturbed when Red Hat 7.3 didn’t quite autodetect it. Here is what I found.

Installing my DFE-530TX+ was actually quite easy once I hit the internet. I found a couple of things.

  • The drivers on the cdrom reportedly don’t work. They certainly didn’t look like there was enough code. I must admit I didn’t double check once I found stories of problems.
  • My kernel had a module for the chipset on this line of cards. I believe it is the realtek 8139 chipset. The module is named “8139too”.
  • Once I added the following line to my modules.conf file and restarted the network everything worked great. (Note that in my case this was eth1, but in most instances it would be eth0).
    alias eth1 8139too

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