Now with real software!

It’s hard to believe this blog has running for 6 years.  (Sort of.)  Posts have been few and far between because the most recent version of the site was cobbled together using 3 php scripts I threw together in a couple of hours one afternoon.  Adding new articles involved manual database work, which is why things have been so slow since we came back online in ’07.  But no more!

Recently, I installed WordPress for a client of my consulting business and I learned just how easy WordPress is to work with.  And, even better, it does pretty much exactly what I want my blog software to do.  Without some of the extra fluff that other software includes.

So here is to ’09 and the hope of regenerating some of the traffic that this blog used to generate before I started neglecting it.  I’ve imported all the old articles (mostly for posterity at this point).  Check back for new articles soon.

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