MythTV: HD Channel Problems

A friend of mine recently set up a MythTV using the same HD tuner card that I use. Along the way he discovered a problem with the automatic channel scanner in the new versions of MythTV

The problem that he found, and which I later confirmed on my own mythtv, was that the mythsetup utility that automatically scans for channels wasn’t working correctly. For some reason the channel scanner was not really changing channels as it scanned. So it would assume that every frequency existed and that they were all the same channel. We both use Fedora Core 5, a kernel >=2.6.18, and a current MythTV 0.20.x version.

The work around was to allow our Zap2It program guides to be used to import the channels into MythTv.

The way this is done is by:

  • Deleting the input source
  • Adding the input source without scanning for any channels
  • Running mythfilldatabase with the –do-channel-updates option

As I understand it Zap2It only serves North America, so if you are setting up an HD tuner somewhere else you may be out of luck.

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